Welcome to the Groton Public Library Minecraft page! You will find our rules and some useful tips below. The Library has Minecraft installed on computers 2-5 for use during public hours, and on all computers for use during special programs. No account? No problem- the library has a few different accounts you can use free of charge!

To access our server

Simple select ‘Multiplayer’ after logging into Minecraft on one of the Library computers- The Groton Public Library Server should show right up! Just click it, then hit join.




  • No killing other players
  • No stealing items from other players or their chests
  • No destroying structures built by other players
  • Do not enter areas that have ‘No Trespassing’ signs posted
  • No griefing or trolling (in other words, don’t be annoying and destructive)
  • Respect other players, server admins and library staff
  • Keep your voices low- use the chat instead!

How to protect chests & doors so other players cannot use them

Our server uses the Lockette plug-in, allowing you to ‘lock’ your chests and doors. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Place a chest or door to be locked
  2. Place a sign post on a block immediately adjacent to the chest/door (you can put it above a door, too).
  3. In the first line, type [Private]
  4. [Optional] In the third and forth line, put other player’s names who you want to have access.
  5. [Optional] To add more than 2 more players, place a second sign with the first line [More Users] and the names of the users on lines 2-4.

More help and screen shots available on the Lockette plugin page.

Did you get Griefed?

If someone stole your stuff or destroyed your buildings while you were away- don’t worry! Our server is protected by the powerful CoreProtect 2 plugin. This plugin allows administrators to see a complete player and block history AND to automatically restore an area to a previous point. Please email your claim to seniorclerk[at]grotonpubliclibrary.org (replace [at] with @).

If you have any other problems, please let a staff member know, or send an email to seniorclerk[at]grotonpubliclibrary.org (replace [at] with @).

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