A message from the Friends


The Friends of the Groton Public Library group is pursuing the restoration of the Library’s original Charter, issued by the NYS Department of Education c.1896, and they are seeking donations for this effort.

The Charter is silk fabric and moisture has gotten in causing the fabric to buckle and mold.  It is crucial to get this resolved soon before it is too late, but also important to have it in good shape and presentable for the Library’s 100th anniversary celebration next year.

The friends have engaged West Lake Conservators, (www.westlakeconservators.com) to provide a proposal for restoration and preservation. An estimate of the total job is between $700-800.

The work will comprise of removing the Charter from the frame, removing mold and any adhesive residue from the back, removing wrinkles and refastening to an acid free substrate, supplying all new matting and Tru-View UV resistant glass, reinstalling in the existing frame, and sealing so moisture can’t get in. Once properly conserved will hang proudly for the next hundred years.

The Friends of the Library would appreciate any contribution you or your organization can make in the effort to restore this valuable piece of the Groton Public Library’s history.

Please send your contribution to: Friends of the Groton Public Library 112 E. Cortland St. Groton, NY 13073 or leave it at the Library front desk marked: ATTN: FOGPL Charter Restoration.


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