Have you ever been on a blind date before?

 If you have not, here’s how they usually go:

 You may hear a few adjectives about your newly to be discovered acquaintance from a mutual friend. Then your head starts swimming with ideas:

  • Do they have a great personality?
  • Do they have a nice sounding voice?
  • Do they dress well?
  • Do they think about the same things I do?

 Anticipation builds as you meet for the first time.

 You just might hit the jackpot and meet the love of your life. You may meet a new friend. Sometimes things just don’t really turn out the way you had hoped.

 In any of those possibilities, you got a taste of something new.

So why not try out one of these suitors? They are standing by just waiting to be selected!

Trust me, these will like you for who your are.


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