The Language of War – November 8 in Groton: Original Dramatic Reading Gives Local Perspective on Life During the Civil War


Friday Evening at 7:00 ~ November 8, 2013

What were they thinking, those soldiers who went off to war? What did the home folks do?

The Tompkins County Civil War Commemoration Commission will confront those questions in a dramatic reading of “The Language of War” that explores what residents of Tompkins County said and wrote during that war in commentary drawn from letters, diaries and newspaper accounts from around the county.

Read by Commission members, the performance of this piece will take place at the Groton Public Library.

The script, written by Carol Kammen, co-chair of the Commission and Tompkins County Historian explores ideas of patriotism, race, volunteering, boredom, and fear. It captures the drama of the era.

The performance will last about an hour. Come hear what those who lived here once thought about, how they reacted to news of war, what they fought for.

“The Language of War,” performed by members of the Commission, is offered to governmental units and not-for-profit groups around the county. Admission is free. Future performances, arranged so far, will take place at the Ulysses Historical Society in January and at the Tompkins County Public Library later next year.

Inquiries about scheduling performances may be made to Carol Kammen at

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